Wellbeing and tradition

Hung Gar Kung Fu is known to be "rooted in the feet, developed in the legs, directed by the waist, expressed through the fist." It provides a complete training for the entire body.


Hung Gar Kung Fu practice is an excellent way to improve and boost your health and overall fitness. The various and complete training helps to produce fast and effective results. It is a great way to treat your body.


The practice of a traditional martial art means becoming part of an ancient set of values based on self discipline, self esteem, respect, honesty, courage, loyalty, endurance and perseverance

Self Confidence

Kung Fu practice leads to improve concentration and focus-ability, stress reduction and relaxation, motivation and positive attitude: it is a unique way for boosting your self confidence and self esteem, which is the base of every actual self defense system.

Hung Gar (洪家) Kung Fu is a traditional and excellent martial art that offers great benefits to the practicers. Martial arts are knows for providing tremendous advantage, and Kung Fu training can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion or starting physical ability.

The obvious and well-known benefits are physical, mental, and health improvement and development; but a constant training in Kung Fu can also positively effect several aspect of daily life: among the others, it develops the focus ability, boosts motivation, increases self-confidence, helps to manage the stress and pressure.

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What students say

A few words from some of the students.
Wai M.

Wai M.

Flavio's classes are a great mix of traditional martial arts with modern fitness. You get to taste the essence of Hung Gar forms paired with a variety of cardio exercises to build stamina.
The classes are fun, friendly and fast pace. We got to practice Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) to apply what we learnt in class and challenge our comfort zones
The classes are personal as Flavio often puts on the gloves and spars you himself.
Flavio's classes will definitely give you a good work out, strengthening your body and mind.

Matthew K.

Matthew K.

The school is an unique opportunity for whom wants to practice Hung Gar Kung Fu in London. The teacher, Flavio, is great at teaching traditional techniques thanks to his experience and the clear lineage passing throught Sifu Martone, head of the Italian branch of the international academy, directly from Grand Master Chiu Chi Ling himself.
Often the lessons include cultural and historical aspects, where the teacher can explain a lot about Kung Fu and its evolution in the centuries, a gift for all the martial arts lovers who want to know more about the cultural meaning and development of martial arts.

Luigi P.

Luigi P.

After a few years training in Karate, I decided to try Hung Gar Kung Fu as soon as I moved to London.
Training Kung Fu has given me different kinds of strenght: obviously physical but most of all it develops my inner strenght and energy.
Practicing Kung Fu helps me to improve my focus ability and general motivation, I realised how it affects me to avoid procrastination in daily life.
Every time I practice Kung Fu I challenge my limits and myself, and I realise it helps a lot to develop my self confidence and self esteem.

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